New release of Dinemic framework is available – the 19.04, build 678. List of changes:

DDict type for dictionaries in DModel

DModel has now support for dictionary data type. Beside the DList and DField, it has now complete set of desired features to manage data. Proper documentation of this field should be available soon.

Environment variable to set single config file

Due to error related races between loading configuration files and creating Sync driver, config should now loaded only with environment variable DINEMIC_CONFIG. The DApp class should not load. Moreover, loading new contents of config file could cause unspecified behavior of whole cluster.

SyncInterface initially requests for all updates

On startup SyncInterface requests retransmiting all known updates from neighbors. This feature speeds up the time elapsed for start and synchronize with other nodes. Before this change, libdinemic was asking for only last update and then consequently for each preceding update. Now it gets set of all updates on beginning, what makes it faster to synchronize with whole cluster.

Fixed MemoryDriver

A bug related to deleting fields from database was fixed in 19.04 release. This was especially visible in REMOVE action with MemoryDriver configured. Bug was related to wrong regular expression usage.p

Some minor bugfixes

This version introduces sending retransmit requests to all neighbors, fixes wildcard parsing and prevents duplicating authorized keys in DModel.


All stable packages for Centos 7, Debian Jessie and Stretch, Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 and 19.04 could be found here.