New version of dinemic framework is available for download. Build 369, version 19.01 has major stability changes and some improvements in API:

  • Extensible ebconsole to preview existing chains and updates
  • Dual licensed, GPLv3 and commercial release
  • Better log handling
  • Improved chain management in SyncInterfaces
  • Fixed deadlocks in ZeroMQ Sync and refactored architecture of ZeroMQ Sync
  • Many small bugfixes

New licensing model

Last dinemic versions were licensed under proprietary terms, without access to sources. Since this release all releases will be dual licensed, under terms of GNU GPLv3 and commercial license. This means that in with standard, precompiled binary releases, you can also find source tarbals in our repository.

Web console

Launch dinemic application with -W -P 8080 options, next to another instance in –launch mode. Then connect with your webbrowser to http://locahost:8080 and preview all updates and objects stored in this dinemic instance. When launching use the same configuration file as main application, in launch mode

Log handling and colors

All logs from Dinemic application should now be colourful. This feature should improve reading all messages. Also it is possible to enable stacktrace prints on critical failures.

The action log was introduced at INFO level. Now your handlers could use separate ACTION macro to log any messages from listeners.

ZeroMQ Sync refactored

Since this version ZeroMQ is using reverse Push Pull architecture. This keeps connectivity more simple and easier to maintain. In future this will be extended to provide better perfornance of this driver.


New version could be downloaded from our repository.