New release of Dinemic framework is available – the 19.06, build 68672540. List of changes:

Support for Debian Buster

Since this release Debian 10 will be supported. Also with this release support for Debiaj Jessie will be dropped.

Dinemic namespace

Whole library was encapsulated into namespaces. Example how to use it you can find in Test and Rekonf applications. Namespaces are:

  • Dinemic – general namespace handling all models, fields and library-related tools
  • Dinemic::Store – contains all Store-related classes, including StoreInterface
  • Dinemic::Sync – contains all Sync-related classes, including SyncInterface
  • Dinemic::Utils – previous namespace Utils.

To use above namespacess add in your code:

using namespace Dinemic;
using namespace Dinemic::Store;
using namespace Dinemic::Sync;

or add Dinemic:: before each reference to the Dinemic’s library classess or variables.

Other changes…

Also some minor changes in API were introduced, as set_caller for DModel. The libdinemic repository was split into two, separate repositories, one with code+build tools, and second with all dependent libraries.


All stable builds for Centos 7, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 19.04, Debian Stretch and Debian Buster are available on