Projects based on dinemic

Rekonf – simple application for synchronizing configuration files across cluster of computers. You can use it to securly share file contents and define some actions before and after any config file in system is updated.

Test suite – test framework and all test scenarios for dinemic framework. Covers also testing rekonf application

PyDinemic – Python wrapper for Dinemic framework

Architecture overview

All what you should know about creating applications with Dinemic framework. Application architecture and principles behind this tools. Read more…


Learn how to install and prepare your system for getting started with libdinemic development. Read more…

First application – chat

Basic example of fully functional application – the decentralized chat based on Blockchain. Read more…

Creating own models

Learn how to use DModel class with DField and DList

Managing permissions

One of most important features – cryptographic security. In this chapter you will learn how to protect data in dinemic database and how to manage permissions to read and update status of your objects. Read more…

Customizing your application behavior with actions

This tutorial will show you how to use DAction class to react on changes in network. You will also learn how to use predefined in libdinemic DActions for simply create secure applications. Read more…


Read this tutorial to learn how libdinemic handles networking and communication across nodes in network. This will help you to protect your cluster with firewalls.

Application design patterns

Here you can find some good practices about creating your applications with Dinemic framework. Read more…